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Army Girl Part 3

75 Photos - 17th December 2012

Army Girl Part 3Welcome to the third and final update to my Army Girl gallery series. As Lance corporal, I was given the task of look-out during my time at the military camp. We had been tipped off that the enemy was approaching. After my rigourous fitness and firearms training, I was fully skilled to undertake this daring task. My fellow soilders knew I had it in me to keep those enemies distracted. As the evening approached, I poised myself for my mission. My attire consisted of a green latex army military uniform, including beret, kinky matching stockings and a fully loaded M16 rifle. My footwear was of course a sensible pair of black high heeled fetish boots. Heels work wonderfully at distracting the enemy, so this was part of my weapons arsenal. To add to this, I wore sexy latex garters and a black latex thong. Later, during the silence of the night, I heard footsteps and quickly made my presence known to the enemy. With a quick flash of my rifle, big boobs and sexy long legs I was able to keep their attention long enough for my fellow soldiers to take them down! So, another successful mission for the latex army girl.

See and and download the first update in this 75 photo, 1600 pixel resolution set, along with all my other galleries at the Saffron Taylor Members Club

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