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Crimson Red Catsuit Part 3

60 Photos - 10th October 2011

Crimson Red Catsuit Part 3I hope you have been enjoying the “Crimson Red Catsuit” series, because you are going to love the final 20 photos of this red hot catsuit gallery. On the day of shooting, we caught the eyes of a few locals. So much, that we had to hide on a few occasions to avoid creating too much of a stir in the local area. Let’s face it, a woman wearing a bright red latex catsuit was definitely not a common sight where we were staying in this luxury villa. In fact, I giggled to myself as I was preparing for this photoshoot, thinking that most people were probably getting ready to go out for nice evening meals and paying visits to the local tavernas whilst on vacation, yet here I am, squeezing into an outrageous latex catsuit and zipping up my enormous high heeled boots to prepare for that perfect opportunity to capture this latex fantasy on camera. The amazing custom made red catsuit really did feel like a second skin on me. The added combination of my classic red latex corset and matching high heel boots, made this photoshoot pure latex heaven. We certainly did manage to get lots of great photos for you to enjoy, so get ready for your latex dreams to come true in my “Crimson Red Catsuit” photo series. See and download the full 60 photo set in 1600 pixel resolution at the Saffron Taylor Members Club

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