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Deviant Encounters Part 3

60 Photos - 23rd January 2012

Deviant Encounters Part 3Welcome to the final kinky update of my latex lingerie gallery entitled “Deviant Encounters”.  In this latex fetish series, you can feast your eyes upon me clad in a sexy latex lingerie combination, by Honour UK which consisted of black latex stockings, garters, gloves and corset, yet not forgetting to mention my very tantilising peephole latex bra. The reason I decided to name this gallery “Deviant Encounters” is because I want my members to experience a virtual encounter with me, whilst I portrayed myself as a sexy vamp. As you will see, I am dressed in an outfit which deviates from your typical lingerie photography. This set brings you tasteful, erotic photography at its finest. There is something extremely sexy about partly revealing an erogenous zone, infact, my boobs were bursting to escape so much that this bikini top not only exposed my nipples, but my under-cleavage was beginning to show too! With my love of extreme high heels, I could not resist but to wear a pair of my favourite platform ankle boots. As I frequently ran my latex covered hands up over my skin tight stockings, the sound of the latex crackling was a pleasure to my ears as I added latex glosser. Black latex is always a favourite of mine when it comes to creating a beautiful reflective gloss. So, I hope you enjoy my Deviant Encounters photo theme, because if you like to see sexy blondes in black latex lingerie, this picture set is definitely for you!

See and and download this first update in this 80 photo, 1600 pixel resolution set, along with all my other galleries at the Saffron Taylor Members Club





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