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Lavish Green Latex Part Two

60 Photos - 24th January 2011

Did you like part one of this stunning emerald green latex photoshoot?  If so, you will be happy know that I have now released part two of this amazing photo set, totalling 60 high resolution photos. This latex combination was suggested to me by one of my members last year.  He wanted this exact outfit in a custom photoshoot, so he kindly sent me this beautiful lavish green dress, stockings and gloves from a British Latex supplier. His choice has proven a big favourite with members so far. On the day of this photoshoot, we were accidentally interrupted by the gardener of the beautiful villa we were shooting at. He seemed so suprised to see a model wearing this very unusual outfit. I think it was the first time he had ever seen a woman wearing latex up close. He was so mesmerised, he asked if he could stay and watch the rest of the photoshoot. We agreed of course, but I just knew his mind would not be on his work during the rest of that day! Within the space of 10 minutes or so, suddenly a few other gardeners appeared and joined in on the spectating. I wonder why the grounds of that villa needed so many workers that day!  See and download the full set in 1600 pixel resolution at the Saffron Taylor Members Club.
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