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20 Photos - 15th November 2010

Saffron Taylor Luminous HotpantsIt was a really hot and humid summers day, although slightly over cast, but this didn’t stop the plans for this photoshoot. On the day of this photoshoot I gained quite a local ordience as a group of gardeners who were working on the grounds of a nearby property started to take a sudden interest in the photoshoot, especially when my tiny pink bikini top came off. Somehow, I don’t think this was a regular sight for them during their working week!   I decided to really play a game by toying and teasing with them whilst getting very naughty outdoors and going topless, somehow I doubt they managed to complete their work on time that day!

Do you think I am a naughty girl? Drop in to my members area and see the full set of me wearing this sexy shiny pink metallic hotpants and matching bikini top at

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