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Purple Latex Fever Part 1

100 Photos - 7th January 2013

Purple Latex Fever Part 1Have you been enjoying the Purple Latex Fever HD Video series?  If so, let me introduce you to my brand new photo gallery series from that very day!  I received so many positive member comments about the update series ‘Passionate Purple Latex’, and ‘Violet Transparent Catsuit’, so I decided to treat you to another purple latex series. This time I am wearing a skin tight purple latex dress, with a sexy peep hole design. Just perfect for emphasising my big boobs. Watch the shiny reflections in that glossy latex as I move to tease you. This latex dress is pearlshine metallic latex, which is so beautiful. I also have a big love for latex gloves, especially long oprah gloves. Black and purple certainly makes a great latex colour combination, don’t you agree? I pulled on my black latex stockings to complete the outfit, then slipped on my classic black platform court shoes (or pumps in the US). I then glossed up that latex with silicone oil to make it so slippery for my hands to slowly glide over. My big boobs strained to escape that tight latex, so I couldn’t resist but to pop them out and massage them whilst wearing those long black latex gloves.

See and and download the first update in this 100 photo, 1600 pixel resolution set, along with all my other galleries at the Saffron Taylor Members Club

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