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Tropical Temptress Part 1

60 Photos - 14th November 2011

Tropical Temptress Part 1You’ve seen the first part to my “Tropical Temptress” video, now let me introduce you to my brand new “Tropical Temptress” photo gallery series. During my visit to Portugal, one of my favourite passtimes was to slip into a very sexy bikini whilst getting some sun on my body. I’m sure you will agree that this very sexy red metallic swimsuit does not leave much to the immagination, as there is a lot of my tanned body on show. However, as a change from body clinging latex, I felt it was time to treat my members to a sexy glamour bikini series. As Autumn approaches, you may be in need of cheering up as those dark winter evenings draw in. So, check out the first 20 photos of me teasing and bending over in this extremely revealing outfit. As the heat soared, I could not resist but to peel off this skimpy bikini to reveal my big huge tits. See and and download this first update in 1600 pixel resolution, along with all my other galleries at the Saffron Taylor Members Club





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