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Yellow String Bikini Part 3

90 Photos - 17th September 2012

Yellow String Bikini Part 3I know you guys have been waiting for this, so here is the sexy third and final update to my photo series, Yellow String Bikini. Although I am known for my love of latex and shiny outfits, I thought my members may appreciate a bit of a change. In this photo series, as you saw in the video, I decided to adorn myself with a pair of tiny demin hotpants (or booty shorts as some people call them). The sexy tight denim matched perfectly with my bright yellow string bikini. To top off this sexy glamour outfit, you will notice I am also wearing my favourite cowgirl hat which always goes on vacation with me! During this particular stay on the Spanish Island of Majorca, it was hot humid afternoon. I took a stroll around the beautiful blue swimming pool whilst enjoying the peace and quiet of the surrounding Spanish countryside. I thought to myself, what a perfect afternoon for a sexy poolside photoshoot – and before I knew it we were shooting lots of sexy photos which you will see in this series! It was so hot, I couldn’t wait to peel down those demin hotpants and show you my tiny yellow bikini. As the temperature soared, I stripped of naked in the heat of the midday sun! However, I was completely unaware that a group of local farmers were admiring my sexy antics the whole time. This was brought to my attention with a series of wolf whistles, once I was wearing only my cowgirl hat and sexy high heels!

See and and download the full 90 photo, 1600 pixel resolution set, along with all my other galleries at the Saffron Taylor Members Club

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