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Vinyl Vixen

1st March 2010, 20 Photos

I love any opportunity to wear this sexy black shiny pvc set consisting of matching pants and a very revealing top. This photoshoot is on the lines of a fashion magazine, with arty poses to emphasise my long legs. If Read More

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Black Latex Mini

1st February 2010, 25 Photos

You are feasting your eyes on a very important photo set because this happened to be one of my very first latex photoshoots, which started a major turning point in my modelling career. The moment I discovered this sexy material Read More

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Golden Girl

11th January 2010, 40 Photos

All that glitters certainly is gold in this glamorous golden goddess theme. This is the kind of dress that stops people in their tracks and certainly turns heads. When I want men to behave the way I want them to, Read More

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PVC Mistress

14th December 2009, 20 Photos

It was a quiet and respected restaurant, where I met with a very wealthy business man. I knew he was used to ordering people around and getting his own way. We ordered expensive champagne and he decided on the menu Read More

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Black Strap

9th November 2009, 34 Photos

There is plenty of under-cleavage to keep you entertained in this photo set. My only items of clothing were a black leather strap which I strategically tied around my big boobs, my luxurious black satin elbow gloves and a pair Read More

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Rock Chick

25th October 2009, 20 Photos

I’ve always thought that there is something really sexy and wild about a girl with a guitar, so I decided to create the Rock Chick theme for this photo set. Although the Fender Stratercaster guitars and Peevy amp were amazing, Read More

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Fishnet Mini

28th September 2009, 22 Photos

It was a hot summer’s evening and I decided to dress up for a night out clubbing. I decided to wear a very tight sexy white fishnet mini dress and matching white high heels. As you can see this dress Read More
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