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Fiery Redhead in Latex Video Part 1

HD Video - 27th June 2013

fiery redhead in latex

Fiery Redhead in Latex Video – Update One

Welcome to my Fiery Redhead in Latex Video series. A fiery redhead is often stereotypically known as a strong character who is often passionate, strong willed and high spirited. Sexy redheads are also known to have a fiery temper which brings to mind the term “hot headed”;). The archetypal redhead is even referred to in ancient stories, such as Babylonian, Scandinavian and early Viking texts. Although real redheads can occassionally have green eyes, it is classed as a rarity and often an exaggeration in fictional stories. However, as I am a green-eyed blonde, I decided to bring this fictional character to life by waring a long red wig and latex catsuit. I have planned on playing this character as a members update for quote some time now, but never seemed to get around to it. So, welcome to my ‘Fiery Redhead in Latex’ video series! I have owned this long red wig for a few years and knew it would look perfect with my classic black latex catsuit and corset. I also wore long red nails and glossy red lipstick, which contrasts perfectly with gloss of my tight black latex catsuit.

View the free video trailer, then login or Join now to view and download the complete full length uncensored video in HD (1920 x 1080p) available in WMV, MP4 and smart device compatible video formats, along with my more Saffron Taylor latex fetish videos at the Saffron Taylor Members Club.





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