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Glossy Seduction Video Part 2

HD Video

Glossy Seduction Video Part 2So, did you enjoy the first update to my ‘Glossy Seduction’ HD Video? Get ready for the second update in this video series, in which I slowly tease as I peel away my latex layers;) On the day of this shoot the slave was alerted by the sound of high heels clicking. He thought to himself, is this my Mistress approaching? Is this her for real? His blindfold prevented him from knowing the truth. The only senses he was allowed to use were smell and occassional touch, but only if he deserved it. The sound of a key unlocking the slaves cage sent shivers down his spine. As the door opened, he knew his Mistress was very close as the aroma of her exotic perfume reached him. He breathed her in, cherishing the privilidge of such an experience. He also knew he was not allowed to speak unless instructed. Suddenly, after a moment of intense silence, the Mistress spoke… “Get down on your knees slave… as you have been in restraint for almost 30 days, I will allow you the use of touch and sight today. You will have three minutes to touch your Mistress”. The slave’s heart pounded, as he had always longed to know what his Mistress felt like. He humbly crawled towards her and ran his hands over her latex clad body. The only sound was her transparent latex stockings crackled under the light pressure of his touch. The smooth sensations of her tiny waist exhilerated and mesmerised him. Suddenly, after three minutes, the Mistress allowed the slave to remove his blindfold, at which time he was allowed to see his Mistress dressed in an amazing latex combination, which included a black latex corset and stunning animal print latex by latex designers HW Design. He was then ordered back into the corner to begin yet another 30 days in confinement. Slaves are always so willing to obey Mistress Saffron. View the free video trailer, then view and download the complete unsensored video in Full HD (1920 x 1080p) available in WMV, MP4 and iPhone compatible video formats, along with my full HD Video collection at the Saffron Taylor Members Club.





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