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Latex and Ballet Boots Video Part 2

HD Video - 18th July 2013

latex and ballet boots video

Latex and Ballet Boots Video – Update Two

Did you like my Latex and Ballet Boots Video part 1? I hope you did! If so, welcome to video part two! Don’t you agree that latex and kinky ballet boots make a perfect fetish combination? You know I love extreme heels and ballet boots are amongst the highest heels possible. My beautiful black patent lace up ballet boots, bought for me by my obedient slave Herb, are 10 inches in height… yes 10 inch heels!! In this ballet boot video you will see me wearing skin tight latex leggings and a very sexy leopard print corset. I added a black latex bra, long latex opera gloves and black latex choker to finish the outfit. During the making of this video we captured the sound of the latex snapping and crackling. Watch as I tease you from the bathroom to the bedroom wearing my sexy latex and ballet heel boots. I also give you the ultimate leg tease as I sprawl all over my queen size bed. Enjoy my new latex and ballet boots video series!

View the free video trailer, then login or Join now to view and download the complete full length uncensored video in HD (1920 x 1080p) available in WMV, MP4 and smart device compatible video formats, along with my more Saffron Taylor latex fetish videos at the Saffron Taylor Members Club.

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