Affiliate Program Terms

Terms and Conditions of Use

No Spamming:
Please do not spam via email or mailing list software.

Content Use:
All promotional content remains Copyright of Use our promo tools such as; free hosted galleries, Gallery of the Day, Random Gallery, hosted blog, hosted blog RSS feed, FHG RSS Feed and banners to promote Link to them from your sites and Blogs. Use ONLY the prepared provided promotional tools with prominant watermarks. Do not use topless/nude images. Do not use high resolution 'members only' content with small watermarks. Do not resize or crop images. Do not watermark with anything other than our watermark. Please do not host our images or videos as we occassionally change which images we want available for public promotion, therefore we need to be in control of all conent. Any nude/topless images hosted outside of will be subject to a DMCA Take down notice.

We reserve the right to: delete, remove, or edit our hosted promo content. We may occassionally contact affiliates, requesting the take down of promo content that we no longer wish to be used for promotion. If affiliates do not respond to our request to remove our content, they will be subject to DMCA take down notice. We also reserve the right to submit DMCA removal requests to search engine listings if we find content that goes against our terms and copyright policy.

Watermarks and Titles:
All watermarks and titles MUST remained INTACT and UNALTERED on the promo images and videos used in our hosted galleries. No re-cropping of our photos are allowed. No use of any other website title or watermark may be added to our promotional tools. Our Affiliate Content is provided to webmasters to help in promotiong, not your own website.

Video Content:
Our hosted video galleries contain a trailer video clip. These videos may NOT be cropped or edited down to remove our watermark and titling, or to promote your own website. Please DO NOT extract, upload or host our video content. Link only to our hosted video galleries. Time to time we may change which video content we want available for public promotion, therefore we need to maintain control of our content. If we find websites hosting our video content, they will be subject to a DMCA submission. Thank you.

Promotional Banners and Text Links:
We provide a wide range of banners in various sizes. If you have a specific requirement for a banner contact us. Link our banners ONLY using your unique affiliate ID to DO NOT link to any other website using our banners.

Promo Tool Fair Use: promotional content is to be used ONLY in promoting No other sites. Do not promote on any site containing any form of illegal content, or promoting any illegal activities, including but not limited to: Copyrighted material/content/images/media/videos not owned by the webmaster or used without written permission by the original owner(s); No Yahoo Groups, Links to illegally distributed copyrighted material; Torrent sites; Password trading sites; Child pornography; etc.

We reserve the right to revise our terms and also suspend any affiliate accounts without notice if found to be violating our terms or CCBILL's terms.

Thank you for respecting our Terms of Use.